How to clean the blinds at home?


For many people, blinds can be just pieces of fabric or plastic to protect from the sun. 

In the summer they are most used along with the air conditioner. For many other people, however, the blinds are part of the interior. Their main function is to protect from sunlight and light during the day, as well as keep cool in the heat. When choosing blinds, everyone also thinks about cleaning them because it is very important. We all know well how harmful home dust is for us and our family. It causes allergic reactions and a number of respiratory problems.

Dusting, however, should not be a reason to compromise our choice, is it? Whatever type of blinds you can stop - vertical, horizontal, roller, textile, wood or aluminum, be sure that cleaning them will not get away. You will just have to get the proper detergents and devices for cleaning them. There are different methods and preparations that can be used.

Cleaning of horizontal aluminum blinds

What would be the best technique and method for cleaning horizontal blinds? For quick cleaning, you can use a dust brush that costs a few paunds on the internet. If the degree of pollution is higher, and you want a really good cleaning of the blinds, then you will need something stronger. Indeed, in this endeavor to clean up any blinds, cracked in a shroud, can be a very difficult and laborious job, but it is certainly worth the effort.

Cleaning vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are modern and fashionable alternative to curtains. For joy using modern fabrics, vertical blinds do not hold much dust and are easy to maintain. Their high cost makes them considerably less attractive to the general public, despite easier maintenance and lower levels of pollution. The easiest method to maintain their purity is with a damp microfiber cloth to be regularly dedusted.

Cleaning of exterior blinds

If you decide to buy outside blinds cleaning them on the outside of the window is a must. Their first and primary polluter is weather and air itself. When you live in the city, car vapors are much more and dirt builds up on the blind when you open the window and the entire blind is collected on a roll, dirt and dust are likely to fall into your home. One of the most effective methods for cleaning them is to fill the pot with lukewarm water and add a few drops of vinegar. Then wet a towel and start from top to bottom to clean the roller shutter. After passing the damp cloth, wipe again with another.

If you still think you are not engaged in cleaning blinds, but instead use the time to rest or pay attention to your family, you can always use the services of a professional cleaning company. They will clean your blinds for you like no other and the effect will be much longer, and you will be charged with energy.