How to seal the doors and windows: autumn preparation?


Reducing days in the autumn is a hint that winter knocks on the door. It's also a hint that we need to start thinking about this - how to keep our home warm. How much energy do we waste? Frequent causes of heat loss are doors and windows.

To better understand the financial impact of heat loss, try the following exercise:

1. Take 20 pounds from your wallet.
2. Walk to a cracked window or open door.
3. Drop the money and let the wind take it away.

All this sounds funny, but that's actually the truth, what's going on with your money when the heat slips through the windows and doors in the room. Handling cracks with gaskets is an inexpensive way to seal openings that let heat and reduce heating bills.

Seal your home

There are several ways to determine if your home needs sealing. First, check for gaps around the doors and windows throughout the room. On a windy day put your hand on the walls to feel if air passes through them. Look for light that passes through the slits. If you find some of these characters, compaction is necessary. Sealing can be done through many materials - wood, rubber, metal, foam and all of them can be found in the nearest hardware store. Different types of gaskets are needed for different applications.

Here are the more popular ways of sealing that become equally well for both doors and windows:

  • Window sealing - Different types of gaskets are suitable for different parts of the window.

1.Window foam seal strip: This is the easiest thing that can be used to seal and is very cheap. It works well if it is placed on the fixed parts of the window between the frame and the sill. It should be placed on the window sash at its ends. The foamed seal strips are made of different widths and thicknesses and the most suitable for your type of window frames can be selected. Even asymmetric foamed strips are produced that are designed to compensate for the differences in sloping windows..

2.Wide tape: This method of sealing is used when the quality of the window frame is very low and can not be sealed with the foam seal strips. They are produced in the color of the joinery and can be glued from both the inside and the outside of the frame.

3.Sealing windows with cloth: If the distance between the outer and inner window allows, among them can be placed rolled up blanket, cloth or pantyhose filled with wool.

4.Silicone seal: Very effective way of sealing woodwork.
Before proceeding with this type of gasket, you must clean the frame very well and then tape it with a tape so that you do not injure the tree when the seal is removed. After applying the silicone it is necessary to wait for it to dry out nicely to avoid sticking the window sash to the frame.

These extremely helpful tips were provided to me by an employee who works in one end of lease cleaning agency. I hope I helped you. So, you are already prepared for the upcoming cold winter. Enjoy!

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